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I help companies through Talks on Leadership, Sustaining High Performance, and Building Your Best Team Ever. Not your typical Keynote.

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Martial Artist. Successful Social Entrepreneur. Health & Fitness Advocate. Elite Athlete. Teacher. Speaker. Author.

Dave Kovar, known throughout the martial arts world as “the undisputed teacher of teachers,” is now available to share his Black Belt Mindsets, leadership experience, and practical business wisdom with your organization via his bespoke talks and keynotes. Kovar delivers—your people will walk away energized and ready to apply what they’ve learned for big results. Not your typical keynote. READ MORE

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The Transformational Power of Positive Rituals

How 3 Minutes a Day with the Black Belt Mastery Mindsets Can Change Your Life

This interactive talk focuses on the Black Belt Mastery Mindsets. Participants will learn how to apply these mindsets to enhance their leadership ability, health, relationships, and overall productivity. They’ll leave with a new set of tools to help them excel in every aspect of their life, as well as a renewed appreciation for all the opportunities that their careers and lives are offering them.

The Samurai Lifestyle

Timeless Tips for a Healthier, Happier and More Productive Lifestyle

The Samurai Lifestyle is based on Bushido—"The Warrior Code of the Samurai.” Dave’s Samurai Lifestyle keynote takes a holistic approach—personal habits and daily disciplines affect one's success in business and relationships, and throughout life. Participants will learn easy-to-implement strategies, based on time-tested principles, which will improve their health and vitality, productivity, and overall outlook.

The Power of Focus

The Board Breaking Experience

It’s often a lack of focus, not inability or a lack of motivation, which keeps people from achieving a respectable level of success. In this powerful presentation, participants with will learn the martial arts concept of Kime—100% focus and commitment. They’ll discover the Kime within and learn to put it to work. Hint: This life-transforming event involves breaking boards.

The 5 Core Beliefs for Small Business Success

The Importance of Staying Relevant and Being Brilliant in the Basics

Running a successful business can be overwhelming. Too often, hardworking, well-intentioned people become sidetracked or bogged down in the details; they lose sight of the big picture. This keynote helps participants focus on the five core elements of a successful business that should be top-of-mind for everyone in your organization.

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